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Make us your interim CFO

Focal Consulting is the right partner for you if you don’t have anyone on staff able to provide the high-level financial experience your business really needs. Focal’s experience in financial management can serve as a bridge when you aren’t ready to hire a CFO, but need more in-depth knowledge to guide your business growth and process management.

Outsourced Accounting

On-staff CPA

Focal’s CPA and accounting personnel complement your existing staff, and provide assistance so they can execute in-house procedures accurately and efficiently. Services include:

  1. Recurring bookkeeping services
  2. Customized, scalable reporting packages
  3. A/R collection and billing process improvement
  4. A/P and vendor management
  5. Payroll
  6. Budget and project management work flow
  7. Month/quarter end close procedures

Accounting is the backbone of your business, but it can be difficult to fully support your company’s accounting needs while running the business itself. If you find yourself spending too much time thinking about accounting or worrying about the quality of your financial reports, it’s time to partner with Focal Consulting.

As you try to grow your business, reliable financial reports are essential. You need trustworthy data presented in industry-proven reports. With over 15 years of leading experience in reporting, Focal ensures the data you present to your stakeholders is sound.

Whether your accounting needs are large or small, Focal Consulting is the right firm for you.